The 12th Station at Holy Family Church in South Pasadena, March 25, 2017Body in Prayer is a multi-sensory Christian meditation on the Stations of the Cross using yoga and dance shapes. Incorporating music, art, landscape and motion, this meditation stimulates the contemplation of the Passion. Body in Prayer can be experienced in live sessions led by an instructor and accompanied with music and multi-media visuals.

Anne M. Kelley: For those of you who haven't yet participated, the meditation engages as many of the senses as possible, starting with your very breath and movement. You will model the movements of a certified yoga instructor who will be at the front of the room. She will be assisted by another great instructor who will walk around the room to help people into safe and comfortable poses, as needed. Each Station is anchored by a short meditation I have written and will be accompanied by live choral music. You will see projected in front of you for each station a painted image which was specially created for this meditation by Pennsylvania artist Eric Armusik.

No experience in yoga is required; and if you do not wish to participate in the movement, you are welcome to participate from a chair. For those who have mats, please bring them. For all, wear comfortable clothing in which you can move. The meditation lasts an hour and is free of charge. Teens and children over 10 most welcome.

"Loved this. Deeply meaningful."
Holy Family Participant, 2018

"My favorite Lenten activity. Great kickoff to Easter celebration."
Holy Family Participant, 2018

"Thanks so much, once again, for creating that beautiful experience for us all. It's truly a place of peaceful meditation on what MATTERS and I can completely lose myself to concentrate on Lent and Christ's sacrifice for all of us. It's so humbling. And overwhelming at the same time. Thank you."
Holy Family Participant, 2017

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"This reflection in movement on the Stations of the Cross heightens my prayerful entry into Holy Week. The rich Catholic tradition of the Stations of the Cross is enriched by the compassionate reflections and the loving movements in solidarity with Christ."

"I loved this. The instructor was gentle and lovely and the poses associated with Jesus' Stations will be with me now in every yoga class. Thank you."

"Thank you for bringing this to us again this year. It is truly a gift for our parish! We look forward to next year!!!"

"Loved it. The music was gorgeous and spiritually enhancing."

"This was one of the most beautiful spiritual experiences I have ever had."

Saturday, March 21, 2020 - 10 a.m.
Holy Family Social Hall
1501 Fremont Ave., South Pasadena, CA • (626) 799-8908
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Come participate in an unusual meditation on the Stations of the Cross during Lent, presented for the tenth time at Holy Family. The meditation uses as many of the senses as possible, starting with your very breath and movement. The idea is to center your whole body in Jesus' Passion through a guided meditation on the Stations of the Cross – using yoga and dance shapes led by instructor Cynthia Simon. The meditation makes use of projected images from a set of Stations I commissioned by Pennsylvania artist Eric Armusik. Each Station is anchored by a short meditation I have written and will be accompanied by live choral music. It is a prayerful and powerful way to connect with Christ and His Passion. This meditation has been offered at various Catholic Churches in Seattle, Los Angeles and Detroit and in the Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle over the past ten years, to very positive feedback. I bring the meditation to Holy Family as a parishioner and choir member. I am delighted to present the musical portion of the meditation with Diana Ferris, longtime parishioner and also a member of the Holy Family 9:30 Mass Choir.

No previous yoga experience is required, and two certified instructors will help to facilitate your movements. Make sure to come just a few minutes before the 10:00 a.m. start time to settle in and prepare for the meditation. Directions are above. Please wear easy clothing and bring your own yoga mat if you have one; we'll have some spares. Participating children over 10 are welcome. We usually have a solid section of people who attend the meditation at Holy Family from their chairs, some participating in the movements modeled by an instructor dedicated to them, others participating more quietly. So don’t let your back or knee keep you from joining us--come participate with others from your chair! The meditation will last about an hour and is free of charge. If you would like to attend, sign up above and if you have any questions, please contact me (Anne Murphy Kelley) via info@bodyinprayer.com. Please let me know if you will be actively participating or experiencing the meditation from a chair so that we can prepare the room properly.

Welcome and all blessings, Anne.


For any who may have questions about whether this meditation contains any elements of any Hindu or "new age" religion by virtue of the use of the body in prayer, it does not. As the previous Pope Benedict, when serving as a Cardinal under Saint John Paul II, wrote in his tract on the perils of new age religions and practices, Christian prayer must be centered upon Christ, even though prayer can take different forms: "All meditation techniques need to be purged of presumption and pretentiousness. Christian prayer is not an exercise in self-contemplation, stillness and self-emptying, but a dialogue of love, one which''implies an attitude of conversion, a flight from "self" to the "You" of God'".

The Body in Prayer meditation is totally focused on Christ and His passion, with all physical movements reinforced and punctuated by artwork depicting the traditional Stations of the Cross, spoken meditations, and Lenten music from the classical, spiritual, chant and contemporary genres. The word "yoga" in relation to this Roman Catholic meditation is purely descriptive of physical poses as they are commonly referred to in the vernacular; it is not a reference to Hindu religion or prayer, and no new age, Hindu, Zen or other transcendental elements, prayers or features are presented or intended during the meditation. Rather, by engaging multiple senses, the meditation facilitates participants' focus on and appreciation of the Stations of the Cross and Christ's Passion and Resurrection, the bedrock of our faith.


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